Longing for Ireland

Halloween in Ireland

October 23, 2020 Clodagh Doyle Season 2020 Episode 2
Longing for Ireland
Halloween in Ireland
Show Notes

What is Halloween? And is it true that it is Irish and not from the US?
 This time we explore the origins and traditions of Halloween.
 We are joined by the expert of everything to do with Irish traditions, Clodagh Doyle, Keeper at the Irish Folklife Division of the National Museum of Ireland
Irish words to learn this episode:
Samhain (Halloween)
Barmbrack (a traditional cake)
Colcannon (potato stew)
Remember you can do an Irish Halloween this year by playing games like apple bobbing, apple on a string or fortune telling games - although we suggest you try and come up with some more up to date predictions! Carve a lantern out of a pumpkin, turnip or potato. You might also be mischievous this year! Just like our recording software - we apologise for the poor audio quality. Next time will be better.