Longing for Ireland

Theatre Culture in Ireland

April 08, 2022 Tourism Ireland Season 2022 Episode 9
Longing for Ireland
Theatre Culture in Ireland
Show Notes

Poetical, political & provocative – Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, W.B. Yeats and many more playwrights come from Ireland, but why are there so many playwrights and what makes Irish theatre so special?

Today we are joined by James Hickson, from the National Theatre of Ireland, the Abbey Theatre, to talk about theatre culture in Ireland and how theatre has influenced Irish culture.

The Abbey Theatre offers plays, classes as well as tours of both the theatre and Dublin city.

For more information on the trips on offer visit: abbeytheatre.ie


This episode’s Irish words:

A traditional Gaelic storyteller:

Seanchaí - pronounced: Shan – á- key


spoon (literally: young spoon):

Spúnóg - pronounced: Spuon- ooeg


the stain left by tears:

Súghóg – pronounced: Sue-hoe-g


The plays/performances mentioned:

Faith Healer by Brian Friel

Translations by Brian Friel

Gaeilge Tamagotchi by Manchán Magan